Use Siri to Record and Post on Twitter Your Entire Speech, Interview, Preso, Audio Recording/Podcast


Posting beyond 140 characters has always been an issue with Twitter. Now you can easily post as much text as you like and even use voice recognition like Siri.

Here we show you an example which you can now record your speeches or write you long letters and post them easily and quickly on Twitter even on multiple Twitter accounts.

First, get HashNewsGrams (click on image)



Then, setup HashNewsgrams with your Twitter accounts in a few clicks. If you are ready to type and post your speech or thoughts Tap the Tweet button on HashNewsGrams and proceed and type as much as you like. You can also add pics, video, audio recording or an acticon.







Once you are finished, Tap Tweet and you will get a confirmation message.

Go to Twitter and here is your post:


If you prefer to Record your thoughts, open the iPhone/iPad Notes App and Tap on Microphone and record your speech





Record your speech using Siri.









then Copy the text you want to post










Open HashNewGrams and Paste









Review your post and Tap the Tweet button to post on Twitter.




















You will get a confirmation message.

Here is how your Twitter will appear on Twitter and you can adjust message to include #hashtags and other notes in the first 100 characters of your message.






You can also add pics.








You can also add a video.


















You can also record music or voice message.

You can also add an Acticon-Action Icon – here are a few examples.



































If you need any help please email us at




















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