Does Influencer Marketing Still Drive Brand Research?

Very interesting article on impact of  “influencers.” It really puts influencer marketing in perspective in light of all the hoopla about the impact of celebrities and experts on the marketplace  The author Chris Beer wrote, “Against this background of resilient traditional sources, influencer marketing has struggled to compete. You could argue that ads from influencers can be designed to be harder to identify than a print or TV ad, but their impact has still been limited to this point. Just 1 in 10 internet users discover brands through vlogs, and 14% through celebrity endorsements.”

This chart really doesn’t give you any feeling other than 1 in 10 view social influencer as important.

Click on image for complete article

In a related infographic, social networks does make the Top 3 of 5 in Researching a Brand.  Click on image for all the other areas such as Brand Discovery, Role and Motivation in Purchase, Reviews and Advocacy.

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