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We can build your own newsfeed, photobooth and multi-media chat, group chat, meet up and other features  platform and app.

Here are just some of the approved and some IQ Award-winning features we have developed:


Finally! Just Speak to Group Chat,”one reviewer noted.

No more typing, handsfree chatting is here – just speak, see your words, post to HashNewsGram, SleepTracs, MedsMinders and other apps which can include both Chat and Group Chat, Newsfeed or Diary along an audio recording as well as videos, pics, freehand-drawings can also be added – stop typing and start talking your chats and news posts.



With “Visual-Voice”in MedsMinders you can “Speak to Chat.”That is, “talk and see” what you are saying before you chat or post to newsfeed. You can speak up to 200 words (due to iOS limitations) per chat or newsfeed post with the MedsMinders iPhone/iPad app and a complete audio recordingof your chat/news can be included.


With no more typing, you can chat or report news on the run for live news reporting, crime scene recording, even on your bicycle with handsfree chatting, faster-easier than any other way and add the complete audio plus videos, pics, freehand drawing and more plus not limit to the amount of text you want to add as well.

Complete and complex photo posting and security photo features like this:

Facegrams has a related iPhone/iPad apps designed to help/aid users and caregivers in managing their medications, therapy, diets, drugs, pain, therapies, healing, infections, prescriptions, scripts, treatments, allergies, vitamins, herbs, herbals, supplements, health aids and other medical, health, alternative medicine to provide reminders and alertsfor users, patients, therapist, pharmacists, practitioners, family members, caregivers, and other health aid helpers to reduce side effects, disease, effects, injury, impact, emergencies, trauma and other impacts.

Multi-media content library such as this:


Other features:


MedsLog included in MedsMinders which tracks every med taken or not take and added into a MedLog which can be emailed to caregivers and other health care professionals.

ZoomLite a magnifying flashlight, camera, weather and large format clock which aids users in reading med bottles and other medical information as well as aiding users in the dark.

Facegrams and MedsMinders are some of the many IQ award-winning appsincluding HashNewsGram (social media app), SleepTracsPro (leading sleep app with Visual Voice in the sleep diary, journal or log), ZoomLite (magnifying flashlight app), Basketball Fans (basketball fans meetup app), ReallyReal (dating app), Sports Fans Club (sports fans meetup app), PetsMedsMinders (pets and animal meds caregiver app), PeerSafe (personal safety siren and text message alert app), TextFreeDrivers (aiding drivers to not text and drive) PotMedsMinders (medical marijuana and meds reminders app), Football Fans Club (football fans meetup app), ReallyReal and iSeekSugar (dating apps), BiEyes (photobooth selfie app), iFlipTips (study app), MedsMinders, BaseballFansClub (baseballfans meetup app), RewardsVIPClub (rewards/loyalty app), and others from TECHtionary.

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