CMO Twitter Scoreboard from Forbes World’s Most Influential CMOs 2018 Update



In today’s business-political-social world, you are measured by many factors including the number of Twitter followers you have. In fact, many surveys have found that websites in general are perceived as passive customer communication tools with Twitter being a far more proactive customer-engaging tool. These surveys have also found an increasing number of customers go to your Twitter account before they go to your website doing “due diligence” on you looking for call-to-actions, thought leadership and content useful in their purchasing as well as customer complaints regarding your solution. Your client may not have a Twitter business account but they may have a personal account and their advisors may as well. You can also see how in some small way John Legere’s Twitter efforts have also impacted the price of the stock.


As noted Twitter expert Evan Kirstel just named Top B2B-Business-to-Business Influencer with 162K followers stated, “Twitter is not just way to meet new prospects and partners, it IS the way you run your company and all operations including marketing. If you aren’t engaged, your competition likely is!” That is, CMO’s are beginning to see the real value of Twitter not just for their company but for their role as CMO.


If you are a CMO or C-Level we can help you and your company use Twitter to gain-retain followers and customers email and we can provide proven cost-effective results and references.

The purpose of this CMO Scoreboard is to not just talk about how CMOs Twitter but which CMO has the highest number of Followers which is not the only measure of the CMO’s social presence but certainly a viable and very public view. Of course, this does not reflect all CMOs and if you want to be included, please email


Twitter Star Ratings ***

Like any other factor, Twitter postings reflect the person’s views of the world. Here is the rating system we built to give some views on what we think are important for Twitter postings.

***Three Stars – Posting Weekly Engaging with Followers & “Thought Leadership” – Global Values & Vision

**Two Stars – Posting Weekly and Thought Leadership

* One Star – Posting Weekly & Corporate Sales Pitch

How do you score against your competitors?

Click here to get listed, corrections, additions, and Twitter help. We apologize for omissions or errors.

CEO’s: Gains+ and Losses – July 1 to December 31, 2017 and updated today.

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Twitter Name Total



New Followers

Since July 2017

Star Rating Topics Tweeted
Philip Schiller Apple
234,000 +10,000 ** Apple, Sports
Antonio Lucio HP @ajlucio5 37,100 +1,100 *** Global
Julie Woods-Moss Tata @juliewoodsmoss 31,900 +8,300 ** Company
Jonathan Mildenhall AirBnb
25,900 +2,100 *** Global
Leslie Berland Twitter @leslieberland 24,700 +3,800 ** Company
Diana O’Brien Deloitte @DianaMOBrien 23,700 +3,600 ** Leadership
Keith Weed Unileveler @keithweed 23,100 +2,900 *** Global
Musa Tariqu Ford
21,900 +1,900 ** Company Global
David Edelman Aetna @davidedelman 21,500 +800 * Company
Marc Mathieu Samsung
19,300 +700 ** Company Global
Marisa Thalberg Taco Bell @ExecutiveMoms 17,400 +400 * Company
Jeremy Burton Dell @jburton 14,500 +600 ** Company
Patrick Adams Paypal @PAdamsNY 13,600 0 ** Company
Matt Preschern HCL @MattPreschern 12,500 -3,800 ** Global
Ann Lewnes Adobe @alewnes 12,200 +1,100 ** Company
Linda Boff GE
10,900 +2,361 ** Company
Chris Caposella Microsoft @chriscapossela 10,800 +1,958 ** Company
Karen Walker Cisco @KarMWalker 8,903 +1,537 * Company
Seth William Farbman Spotify @sethfarbman 8,451 +1,010 ** Company & Personal
Kristen Lemkau JP Morgan Chase @KLemkau 7,359 +1,372 ** Company & Personal
Amelie Oudea-Castera AXA @AOC1978 7,347 +645 ** Company
Maggie Chan Jones SAP @maggiecj 6,497 +459 ** Company
David Roman Lenovo @iamdavidroman 5,413 +987 ** Company
Magali Noe’ CNP @_Magali_NOE 5,101 +1,227 ** Company
Roxanne Taylor Accenture @RoxanneTaylor 4,872 +1,021 ** Company
Raja Rajamannar Mastercard @RajaRajamannar 3,756 +1,106 ** Company
Marimam Banikarim Hyatt @maryamb 3,710 +127 ** Company
Steve Fund Intel @stevefund 3,415 +262 ** Company
Michelle Peluso IBM @michelleapeluso 3,275 +868 * Company
Shannon Stubo Linkedin @sstubo 2,885 +344 * Politics
Kelly Bennett Netflix @KellyB 2,716 +310 * Company
Andrew Sherrard TMobile @sherrard_andrew 2,679 +700 * Company
Chris Bruzzo Electronic Arts @cbruzzo 1,526 +75 ** Company
Alan Gershenhorn UPS @AlanGershenhorn 1,273 +55 No Tweets since 2016
Chris Leong Schneider Electric @ChrisLeongSECMO 927 +246 Company
Rick Gomez Targer @Gomez_Rick 760 +89 * Company
Nuno Pinho Teles Heineken @nunopinhoteles 680 +95 * Company
Keith Moor Santander @keithmoor2 648 +85 * Sports
Terrance Williams Nationwide @TW1906 520 +124 ** Company
Monika Schulze Zurich @MonikaESchulze 475 +122 ** Leadership
Tim Mapes Delta Air @tim_mapes 175 +5 Hidden
Alex Asonvich Hikvision @asnovich 87 +13 Account Not confirmed
Gary Briggs Facebook No Twitter works for Facebook
Dean Evans Hyundai No Twitter account found
Jack Hollis Toyota No Twitter account found
Mark Crumpacker Chipotle No Twitter account found
Tony Rogers Walmart No Twitter account found
Dawn Hudson NFL No Twitter account found
Diego Scotti Verizon No Twitter account found
Jon Miller NBC No Twitter account found







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